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How Can Your Church Be Prepared? 

You may be feeling worried about the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. Given the widespread media attention of this illness, that is understandable. Many of us and our loved ones have runny noses, coughs and sneezes these days. Almost everyone with these symptoms will ultimately have the flu, a cold, or even bad allergies. Below are some things you can do to minimize your exposure and prevent the spread of these illnesses, including COVID-19.

o Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. This is one of the best ways your caregivers protect themselves from the spread of germs-it will help protect you, too! Remember to clean the 'webs' between fingers and thumbs.

o Don't have access to soap and water? Use hand sanitizers.

o Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes or nose, with your hands.

o When you or your loved ones are sick-stay home from work and school to prevent infecting others.

o Sneezing into tissues or your elbow are great ways to minimize spread of germs. Always wash your hands with soap and water after you sneeze.

o Unless you are in the healthcare profession or caring for an ill family member or friend, always try to avoid others who are sick.

If you do feel ill, you can contact your care center or clinician to discuss the most appropriate treatment option. You can also visit for more information.