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What is Confirmation?
Confirmation is the ministry of the church whereby young people (usually Middle School age) learn about the faith into which they were baptized. They learn about the tradition of Lutheran Christianity, specifically the Small Catechism of Martin Luther and the Bible. Confirmation is not just about learning information, though, it is about experiencing Christ together as a community. Classes are very interactive and attempt to relate church teachings to daily life. Teaching activities are mixed with social and service activities to make the programs both fun and helpful. As the youth learn and experience these things, they grow in their understanding and commitment to the faith, and take steps toward “affirming their baptism” in front of a congregation as an adult. We partner with Messiah Lutheran Church in Redwood City for our confirmation program. 
How long is Confirmation?
At Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, it is a two-year program, generally 7th and 8th grade, and it lasts from September through May. Youth (usually eighth graders) are confirmed on Pentecost Sunday, which usually falls in late May or early June.