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Reformation 500 

Salvation — not for sale.
Human beings — not for sale.
Creation — not for sale.

In October 2017, the worldwide Lutheran church commemorates the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, which started when the German monk Martin Luther posted 95 proposals for reform in the Roman Catholic church on the doors of Castle Church in Wittenberg. The reforms were grounded in the biblical witness to the freedom that comes from God’s grace and love for human beings and all creation.

The commemoration is not only a time to learn about the theological and societal reforms of the 1600s, but also an opportunity to acknowledge the shortcomings of the church throughout history, to invite Christian denominations to continue to find common ground and seek to reform, and to celebrate the reformations emerging in the church today.

Find out more at go to ELCA Reformation 500.

To read about the Reformation past, present and future read the 12 bulletin (pdf) inserts below:

  1. Martin Luther: Monk to Reformer
  2. Martin Luther's German Bible
  3. Luther’s Small Catechism
  4. The Augsburg Confession
  5. Women and Reformation
  6. The Reformation Spreads in Europe
  7. Lutherans Come to North America
  8. Lutherans in the Caribbean
  9. Lutherans around the World
  10. Lutherans in Social Service
  11. Voices of Lutheranism: Chorales to Alabados
  12. Lutheran Church Bodies in America